Petah Tikva synagogue desecrated

Jerusalem Post, May. 4, 2006 8:56

Worshipers at the 100-year-old Great Synagogue in Petah Tikva saw the graffiti outside the building when they arrived at 4:30 a.m. Thursday to open it for morning prayers. A worse shock, however, awaited them when they opened the historic building's doors. Swastikas and satanic graffiti were scrawled throughout the interior, with particular attention devoted to the ark, where Nazi-themed graffiti were drawn on the doors and on the Torah scrolls, which had been thrown to the floor.

"Hitler" had been written across the synagogue's doors, every Jewish symbol was blotted out with spray paint, and "Rammstein" - the name of a German black metal band frequently associated with neo-Nazi punk youth - was written on the floor alongside a satanic symbol.

Hours after the attack, Petah Tikva police refrained from ascribing the attack to local neo-Nazis. Petah Tikva police chief Lt. Cmdr. Motti Feldman said that police were "checking all the possible angles of the case." He noted that, a few months earlier, a smaller synagogue in the city had also been vandalized. Feldman said that police investigators were not yet certain whether the two incidents were connected but said that police were, in any case, investigating the vandalism as a criminal incident.

It would not be the first such occurrence in Petah Tikva. In 2004, a series of violent attacks against local haredim during Sukkot led to the arrest of three 16-year-olds, who were indicted. Since then, Feldman said, there had been no violent anti-Semitic or anti-haredi attacks.

Anti-Semitism in Israel, experts said in the wake of Thursday's vandalism, is a rising phenomenon, particularly in the Russian immigrant community.

Zalman Gilichenski, the head of a foundation that documents anti-Semitic attacks in Israel, said that such attacks had increased drastically in recent years. In the Russian-language media in Israel, he said, reports of anti-Semitic incidents perpetrated by non-Jewish immigrants from the Former Soviet Union against fellow Russian-speaking immigrants appear once every week or two. His organization, Gilichenski says, receives multiple phone calls every week.

"I've met people who said that they never encountered such outgoing anti-Semitism like they have here," Gilichenski said.

The incidents, he said, had changed in character recently. Whereas previous incidents were anti-Semitic in nature, more and more incidents were exhibiting a distinctly neo-Nazi character, he said.

In July 2005, following incidents of non-Jewish Russian-speaking immigrants who were involved in neo-Nazi activity in Israel, the government blocked a proposal by Shinui MKs to strip individuals engaged in neo-Nazi activities of their citizenship.

Gilichenski said that the seriousness of the phenomenon was neglected by the government and law-enforcement community.

"They'd rather push it under the carpet because it interferes with the policy of aliya, the policy of the Jewish Agency. There is the image of the role of Israel as a refuge for Jews, but if anti-Semitism exists here it negates the raison d'etre for Israel," said Gilichenski, who immigrated to Israel from the Soviet Union in 1989.

2006 May 5

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There have been an especially abundant number of complaints about the anti-Semitism of the Russian-speaking schoolchildren. Olim educators are in frequent correspondence with the Information and Support Center for Victims of Anti-Semitism in Israel.

Zalman Gilichenski
2004 Mar 18
Anti-Semitism in Israel (Investigation)

Anti-Semitic acts are largely ignored by officials in Israel, in spite of the fact that the media has informed the public scores of times about this horrific phenomenon.

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The behavior of many of the non-Jewish immigrants to Israel is chillingly similar to the disrespectful and disorderly behavior of illegal Mexican immigrants to the United States and Muslim immigrants to Western Europe. Russian thugs in Israel have perpetrated dozens of anti-Jewish incidents.

Eugene Girin
2004 Sep 1
Non-Jewish IDF Soldier Found to be Neo-Nazi

Three immigrants from the former Soviet Union, ages 14 to 16 were indicted Thursday in the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court for allegedly assaulting ultra-Orthodox residents of the city... 27/01/2005

2005 May 5
Anti-Semitic incidents in Israel ( the review of Israeli media for May 2005)

The following article has appeared in the “Vesti” newspaper, May 22, 2005:

“What happened in the city of Karmiel at the end of last week, on the Student Day, was so far reported only on Channel 10 on TV. There were no reporters on the scene, and only the amateur video given to the journalists was used...

2005 Jun 8
The Holocaust – State of Israel Style 2005 – Neo-Nazi Organizations and Swastika Graffiti.

"Hitler was a genius. He succeeded in doing what no one else had done", wrote a 16 year old boy from Be'er Sheva, on his computer's ICQ program. Unfortunately for him, he addressed these shocking statements to Police Investigator Staff Sergeant Oleg Rosental, whose relentless compilation of information, which continued approximately a month, brought to the youth's arrest.

Roni Sofer
2005 May 4
Hitler Youth - The Israeli Branch

Very quietly, a widespread Neo-Nazi movement has been established here, in which tens of young Russian members are in favor of the destruction of the Jews.

Uri Yablonka
2005 May 31
The Tip of the Iceberg

Minister of Interior, Tommy Lapid, announced at a government session that a neo-nazi network composed of immigrants from the CIS is operating in Israel.

Zalman Gilichenski
2003 Jun 30
Was I right to make aliya?

Sir, -As an American immigrant studying in a Petah Tikva yeshiva, I joined other residents of that city last Tuesday night to attend festive Independence Eve services at the main synagogue on Rehov Hovevei Zion...

2006 May 7
NGO finds local media, politicians apathetic to anti-Semitism at home - 'Who cares about neo-Nazis in Israel?'

Gilichinsky has been surveilling neo-Nazi activity in Israel for the past 17 years from his modest apartment in Jerusalem's Ramot neighborhood, but failed to attract the media or authorities' attention. "Nobody wants to know. The politicians ignore it. Occasionally, some act of vandalism makes the headlines, raising a brief interest that dies shortly afterward," he says.

Moti Katz
2007 Mar 1
Israelis run anti-Jewish Web sites

Six minors, immigrants from the CIS, were arrested early this year on suspicion of burning flags and stealing mezuzahs from Nahshonim School in Bat Yam. They also confessed to stealing mezuzahs from homes in the city on eight additional occasions. The teens attributed their actions to a hatred for Jews and Judaism.

Moti Katz
2007 Feb 26

"I was walking my dog in Tel Aviv. When I went to cross the street there was a drunk-looking man standing next to me. My dog got scared and started to bark at him. I apologized and continued walking. I suddenly felt someone push me and I fell on the floor. The drunken man pushed me to the ground, took the leash and started to choke the dog. He was screaming at me "Stinking Zhidovka! (A derogatory name for a Jew in Russian).

Iael Branovsky
2007 Feb 12
Adolescents burn Israeli flag, mezuzahs

Six youngsters between ages of 12 and 15 from coastal town Bat-Yam, south of Tel Aviv, arrested for burning Israeli flag and mezuzah parchments torn from doorposts. The boys, not all Jewish, explain 'We loath anything related to Judaism'

Avi Cohen
2007 Jan 30
Israelis blame Russians for anti-Semitism

...Zalman Glichevsky runs an organization called Dmir for victims of anti-Semitism within the country. "The government knows very well that there is a problem, but they don't react," he said. "It's like talking to a wall, they want to brush this problem under the carpet. Israel has been created as a refuge for Jews, but when it turns out that anti-Semitism is here, too, the refuge is ruined."

Harry de Quetteville
2007 Mar 4
Israelis fear anti-Semitism imported from Russia

Ari Ackerman, a student from Switzerland, was walking home along the Tel Aviv beach after a late-night swim when he and a friend were jumped by a gang singing Nazi songs and displaying swastika tattoos...

Dina Kraft
2007 Apr 27

Shot and displayed by a neo-Nazi group from Petah-Tikva in Israel...

2007 Jul 1
'Over-zealous immigration' blamed for rise in anti-Semitism

Russian immigrants who were invited to settle in Israel despite having onlydistant Jewish roots are being blamed for a startling outbreak of anti- Semitism in the country.

Inigo Gilmore
2002 Nov 17
Israeli neo-Nazis arrested

Police arrest eight youths suspected of being members of a local neo-Nazi cell. Group members assaulted minority groups, spray-painted swastikas. Before court hearing Sunday, suspects deny allegations, say 'tattoos mean nothing'

Raanan Ben-Zur
2007 Sep 9
Swastikas found on Holon buildings

Nazi graffiti discovered in several places in the city. Ayalon district police investigating the incident, no arrests made so far

Avi Cohen
2007 Sep 14
17-year-old suspected of spraying swastikas

Police in northern town of Migdal Haemek arrest teenager suspected of spraying swastikas on cars, walls...

Sharon Roffe-Sofir
2007 Sep 17
Indictment filed against Israeli neo-Nazi cell

An indictment was filed at the Tel Aviv District Court Tuesday against the eight youths arrested Sunday on suspicion of being members of a neo-Nazi cell in Petah Tikva. Three of the defendants are minors...

Vered Luvitch
2007 Sep 18
Military cadet filmed doing Nazi salute

Star pupil at military academy in Haifa posts videos of himself on Youtube, goose-stepping in IDF uniform, reaching sister Nazi salute

Eitan Glickman, Danny Spector
2007 Sep 18
More neo-Nazis still lurking, police say

Officials say Petah Tikva anti-Semitic gang just one of many, claim 'a number of latent local cells waiting to come out of the closet' . Police posit that a neo-Nazi cell uncovered last weekend in Petah Tikva is not the last anti-Semitic gang in the area. ..

Efrat Weiss
2007 Sep 16
Neo-Nazis in the Jewish homeland

...He'd just finished a lesson at kollel, married men's yeshiva, when "they started laughing at me and making remarks about the 'zhids,'" he recalls. Then the boys started throwing rocks at him. He threw rocks back, until one of the boys hit a car, the driver got out, and the boys scattered...

Larry Derfner
2007 Sep 27
Man suspected of vandalizing Haifa succa

A 19-year-old was arrested Sunday on suspicion of vandalizing a succa in Haifa. The succa, located near a synagogue in Neve David...

Rebecca Anna Stoil
2007 Sep 30
"Patrol 36" (video)

"Patrol 36" – this is how the members of the most aggressive Russian-Nazi gang in Israel had called themselves.

The gang had ties with their "colleagues" in the CIS – the radical neo-nazi group "Format 18" and other groups...

2007 Sep 30

Today, the Law of Return, enacted to increase the number of Jews in the State of Israel, is in reality not only increasing the non-Jewish part of the population, but is also “repatriating” to this country European anti-Semitism.

Zalman Gilichenski
2000 Dec 30
The pogrom

Of course, there are the “showcase” excesses, such as the drawing of swastikas, the burning and desecration of Jewish cemeteries and religious buildings. The contagion of anti-Semitism, however, has also other less conspicuous but no less detestable manifestations.

Zalman Gilichenski
2002 Jul 30
Anti-Semitism, right here at home

Anti-Semitism has been swelling recently in the Jewish state. Not long ago, the first Israeli neo-Nazi Internet site was launched. More precisely, it is an Israeli site in Russian.

Lily Galili
2003 May 23
Aliyah from former Soviet Union brings a surprise - anti-Semitism

Synagogues defaced by swastikas in B’nai Brak? Graves vandalized in Beit Shemesh? A teenager harassed for being a Jew on her way to school in Netivot?

Ariel Finguerman and Elana Shap
2003 Jul 22
Teens indicted for assault of ultra-Orthodox victims

Three immigrants from the former Soviet Union, ages 14 to 16 were indicted Thursday in the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court for allegedly assaulting ultra-Orthodox residents of the city... 27/01/2005 "Haaretz"

Tsahar Rotem
2005 Jan 30

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